The Ready Room Group Fitness Program
teaches the basic standards, progressions, and regressions of strength and conditioning.


The program is for anyone ages 12 to 80 years young looking to lose body fat, get stronger and more conditioned for life! Everyone goes at their pace, works at their fitness level, and everyone supports everyone. Come join the Team! 

32 S. Morton Avenue # 100
Morton PA. 19070

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629 S. Chester Road 

Swartmore PA. 190810

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what people are saying about the ready room

Abbie Coombs


This gym is awesome! I couldn't do a pull up before this program, and now I can do 3! The coaches take the time during group classes to help you improve personally. I can feel myself getting stronger and becoming more aware of how I move. All of the movements are functional and safe. I would definitely recommend this gym to everyone! All fitness levels and ages!

Sandy Harms


I met Tom 4 years ago and he changed my life for the better. I am stronger, faster, and healthier than ever before. His gym is like no other...the community atmosphere and support here is amazing. Everyone is welcome and no one EVER judges. Tom genuinely cares about you as a person. Legit one of the best people I have ever met.

Danielle Neathery


Great place to train. I came here looking to gain strength to help improve my running. Tom & His Crew are great to help motivate you plus keep you injury free which is huge for me being a distance runner I can not afford injury. You will not be disappointed. Group training classes offered at all different times all with lots of attendance and support. Love this place

Karl Escher


The absolute best gym I have ever been to. The classes are designed to challenge and improve anybody not matter experience or skill level. Toms energy and motivation are simply incredible. The community Tom has built makes you feel welcome from day one. Come in and give it a try and you will not be disappointed. My favorite part is leaving every class knowing I earned that plate of pancakes.

Amy Moskowitz


This is by far one of the BEST gyms around!! No matter what fitness level you are everyone is there to help!! The trainers are great extremely knowledgeable and helpful it's an all around great atmosphere!! They make going to the gym at 5am fun!! It has become a family place for us my teenage boys now go everyday on their own!!

Steve Train


Best gym in Delco. Great atmosphere. The equipment is top notch. Facility is always clean. This gym is suitable for anyone regardless of their experience in a gym.

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